Cell Balancing Model in Simulink

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sanya gode
sanya gode . 2020년 6월 26일
댓글: sanya gode . 2020년 7월 15일
I have been working on Battery Model , in which i need to create a model for cell balancing of 3s-1p battery pack. And i am using passive cell balancing , with shunt resistor /bleed resistor and MOSFET as switch. So my question is how could i select the value of the shunt resistor.
Also how the stateflow chart balancing logic would exactly work.
What is required in the initialization script of cell balancing.

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri 2020년 7월 14일
Hello Sanya,
Here is an example you may use to start your design.
The bleed resistor has to be adjusted to the unit cell size based on a set of requirements such as how quickly you want to balance, how much heat dissipation the balancing circuit can tolerate, etc. Typical balancing currents are of the order of a few hundred mA.
There are many ways to design the logic. You can base the decision about when to balance based on relative terminal voltage differences among the series cells, in which case you may want to enable balancing when load current is zero or very low, e.g. at the final stage of charging.
Please let me know if this helped.
Best regards,
Javier Gazzarri
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sanya gode
sanya gode 2020년 7월 15일
Hello sir ,
Thank you so much for clearing the doubts.
The model is very helpful, the documentation and the videos made by you are very informative sir. The more I analyse, the more I learn through it.

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