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AUC for Pharmacokinetic Study

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I have three supplements that I would like to compare (bioavailability). For each of the three, we will have whole bood, serum, and urine measurements done at timed intervals in a day. Supplements will be given orally and it will be a single dose (three different days for each).
I am exploring the best way to calculate area under the curve using trapezoidal rule, finding tmax, and cmax. I have explored Simbiology and the examples I have seen are far more complex than what I need. I will appreciate any help on getting this done. Thank you.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 26 Jun 2020
The simplest way to calculate AUC in MATLAB using the trapezoidal rule is probably to use the function trapz. Within SimBiology, these sorts of caculations are usually done as part of non-compartmental analysis. Would one of those approaches work for you?
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Velarie Ansu
Velarie Ansu 26 Jun 2020
Thank you. I will check them out. I am trying to figure Simbiology out. Yet to find an example that matches data.

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