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How to change the plot title and file name when saving it to a for loop

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Richard Wood
Richard Wood 2020년 6월 25일
답변: the cyclist 2020년 6월 25일
Hello everyone
I have the following arrays of relevance to the question:
substrates=["MgO" "SiO2" "W"];
substrates_title=["MgO" "SiO$_2$" "W"];
which I want to be introduced in the title of a plot and in the name of the file that encapsulates the aforementioned plot in a for loop. For that, I have written preliminarily the following lines related to this:
t1=title(['Thermal background $T=\,$',num2str(Temperature(i)),' K, ',substrates_title(l),''],'FontSize',14,'interpreter','latex')
but this does not work, exceptly the num2str(Temperature(i)) that works perfectly.
Any suggestion?

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2020년 6월 25일
Part of the problem is that you are mixing character arrays and strings. The following works (after you set your own outputdir):
i = 1;
l = 1;
Temperature(i) = 273.15;
outputdir = 'SET ME TO WHAT YOU WANT!!';
substrates={'MgO' 'SiO2' 'W'};
substrates_title={'MgO' 'SiO$_2$' 'W'};
t1=title(['Thermal background $T=\,$',num2str(Temperature(i)),' K, ',substrates_title{l},''],'FontSize',14,'interpreter','latex')
fname = ['Scaling_Based_Temperature_Dependent_Phase_Diagram_Thermal_Background_T=',num2str(Temperature(i)),'_K_with_Joule_Heating_',substrates{l},'_Substrate.pdf'];
Note that I used a cell array of character arrays, rather than strings. One could probably have done the opposite.

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