Using fuel cell stack and battery with electrical domain

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Hugo Meneu
Hugo Meneu . 2020년 6월 22일
답변: Juan Sagarduy . 2021년 4월 15일
Is it possible to use the fuel cell stack and battery block (Simscape/Electrical/Specialized Power Systems/Electric drives/Extra sources) with the electrical domain in a simulink model ? I didn't find a block who would "link" the simscape electrical domain to these sources.
Thank you.

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri 2020년 7월 14일
Hello Hugo,
Thank you for your question.
Please see if any of the Interface Elements in Simscape/Electrical/Specialized Power Systems/Fundamental Blocks/Interface Elements does what you are looking for.
The Specialized Power Systems blocks are built with a different technology than the Simscape Electrical blocks, hence the need for an interface block to be connected to each other.
Best regards,
Javier Gazzarri

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy 2021년 4월 15일
Hi Hugo,
An alternative you can think of is to do everything in Simscape. The link below may be helpful. This complements Javier’s answer.
Regards Juan


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