Data Modelling with uneven sampling frequency

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Vinod Bhosale
Vinod Bhosale 2020년 6월 19일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
I am doing data modelling, which has data between Voltage Vs Time, Active Power Vs Time, Reactive Power Vs Time.
All three variables are sampled at different sampling rate. Time is extracted in fomat date:hh:mm:ss, I have plotted three graphs w.r.t.
using various filters (SG, LQR etc.)
Now I need to compare, voltage with active power and Voltage with Reactive power in certain window. Since, time stamping is different, how to compare?
Is there any way, I can estimate values of active power & reactive power at same time instant of Voltage.

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Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
plot(X1,Y1,S1,X2,Y2,S2,X3,Y3,S3,...) combines the plots defined by the (X,Y,S) triples, where the X's and Y's are vectors or matrices and the S's are strings. In this way it is possible to plot two or more signals with different time vector.
if the evolution of power is linear it will also be possible to interpolate the existing points to have the power at exact same timestamps. This way it is then easy to compare the two signals and do basic mathematical operations between them.


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