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How can i create a table?

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith 19 Jun 2020
댓글: Jane Smith 19 Jun 2020
I need to create a table from a function of inputs and outputs of vectors of loan repayments. What is the layout of the commands i need to use to create a table?

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the cyclist
the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
Did you try looking through the documentation for tables?

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the cyclist
the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
To get your code to run at all, I had to make these two changes:
  • Change the variable Month to month, because MATLAB is case-sensitive
  • Fix the typo in the variable Remaing_Balance to be Remaining_Balance
But then I get the error:
Warning: It appears you are using an obsolete version of uitable.
See the documentation for correct uitable usage:
help uitable and doc uitable
For more information, click here
Error using uitable_deprecated
Unrecognized parameter:
Error in uitable (line 49)
[thandle, chandle] = uitable_deprecated(varargin{:});
the cyclist
the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
I tried to get as close to what your code was doing as I can:
function [T] = loan(P,i,n)
Month = (1:n)';
for m = Month
T = table(Month,Monthly_Amount,Payment_Interest_Content,Capital_Repaid,Remaining_Balance);
Note that I just created a table, not a UI table.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 19 Jun 2020
Had been working a 2 weeks on this, couldn't be any more grateful to you. Thanks alot.

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