How does the Matlab Compiler 'logfile' option handle the file?

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David Perron
David Perron 2020년 6월 15일
댓글: David Perron 2021년 2월 2일
when using the command:
mcc -R '-logfile,Log.txt' Main.m
It seems that information is added to the Log.txt file every time an fprintf() or disp() command is run. Does this mean that the file is opened, written to, and closed for each command?


Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria 2021년 2월 2일
Yes, it captures everything from the command window and saves the resulting log to the mentioned log file.
For each execution where logging is enabled, the underlying operation performs opening, writing and closing the log file.
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David Perron
David Perron 2021년 2월 2일
how do you disable logging for specific operations?

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