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Vehicle Electrical and Climate Control Systems

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Laurentiu Ana
Laurentiu Ana . 2020년 5월 24일
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Hello! I'm interested in the Simulink model: Vehicle Electrical and Climate Control Systems; Can somebody give me some help to understand all the blocks so I can understand the model, or some documentation that will help.I want to understand it.Thanks!!!

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau 2020년 5월 26일
Were you able to find this topic in the documentation?
It explains some details about the model.
I'm not sure there's going to be anything in the documentation that really walks through the model step by step or block by block. If a particular block stumps you, each block also has a reference page where you can learn about its particular function.
I hope this helps!
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Laurentiu Ana
Laurentiu Ana 2020년 5월 26일
Yes i found that documentation but it s very short on explaining the model,but i m still trying to find answers.
Thank you!!

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