Error building face tracker for android device

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Mohammadreza Yavari
Mohammadreza Yavari 2020년 5월 24일
답변: Sutanu Maiti 2020년 5월 26일
I am trying to build the face tracking example in computer vision toolbox for my android phone.
Here is the example:
I chaged the video input and the video display to the android blocks in "Android Support from Simulink"
I get this error when I try "deploy to hardware":
no rule to make target '../CascadeClassifierCore.cpp'
Please find attached my modified simulink model.
Any helps is greatly appreciated
*I am using R2018b


Sutanu Maiti
Sutanu Maiti 2020년 5월 26일
For 18b CVST codegen deployment is not supported, but it is suported on 20a and comes as an exmaple:

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