app.UITable.Data assignment problem

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Sharmin Sultana Sheuly
Sharmin Sultana Sheuly 2020년 5월 5일
댓글: Sharmin Sultana Sheuly 2020년 5월 6일
I am having problem in assigning to app.UITable.Data.
My code is below
here, raw(row_nummber,2) is date time.
it shows the error message"Conversion to double from cell is not possible."
If I convert the date time to double than it does not appears in the table in the normal year- month-day format.
I cant change the whole table to date time as there are other numeric values. The table that I am developing in app designer has the following columns
Pallet number | date time | adjustmnet| shim dimension
Please help me.
Kind regards
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Sharmin Sultana Sheuly
Sharmin Sultana Sheuly 2020년 5월 6일
Thanks for your help. I have solved the problem.

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Guillaume 2020년 5월 6일
편집: Guillaume 2020년 5월 6일
raw(row_nummber,2) is a cell array (made of just one cell),
raw{row_number, 2} is the content of that cell. As long as that content is a scalar double, then:
app.UITable.Data(row_nummber,2)=raw{row_nummber,2}; %note the use of {} to get the content of the cell
should work (assuming Data is a double matrix).
edit: see Access data in a cell array to understand the difference between {} and () when indexing cell arrays.

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