Absence of share option in app designer in MATLAB online

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I have a MATLAB online license that i obtained from doing a course in coursera. As I was learning to use and make an app in app designer and finish it off i couldn't find the option to export it into a webapp or MATLAB app or a standalone app. That option was completely missing. Is this a limitation of MATLAB online or some other issue. If so what could be the work around for this.
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GIOVANNI BONATO 2022년 8월 28일
How can be exported into a desktop version? Moreover, even if i share the app code through matlab drive, the other user can see the file, but cannot open the app.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 8월 28일
Coursera licences are Student licences, and Student licenses do not have access to those products. The limitation is not MATLAB Online.
Note also that MATLAB Online runs on Linux so standalone executables built with it would require Linux to run.


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