Error using quad for nummerical integration

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I am unable to understand why i cant use the quad function for nummerical integration..
tk = 1.5;
Assymptotisk=@(x) sqrt(2/pi)*1/sqrt(x)*exp(-x);
vc= quad(Assymptotisk,tk,inf);
The above code reproduces the problem in my main program..
Thanks in advance!

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Pedro Villena
Pedro Villena 2012년 10월 29일
this equation has a singularity to Inf
tk = 1.5;
Assymptotisk=@(x) sqrt(2/pi).*exp(-x)./sqrt(x);
vc= quad(Assymptotisk,tk,1e18);
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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov 2012년 10월 29일
integral(Assymptotisk,tk,inf);% with MATLAB R2012a

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