Plotting 3 axes (y1, X1, X2) using 4 fields in a structure?

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jamie rayment
jamie rayment 2020년 4월 23일
답변: Ganesh Regoti 2020년 4월 27일
I cannot seem to plot 4 field arrays.
Using the arrays embeded in the structure, where the array of each is the same:
Creating a figure, field(1).deflection_x, and field(1).deflection_y are on the same scale of +/-1, therefore, only one y-axis is needed with scale +/- 1.
The deflections occur at linked time(n) and a height values (n), so XAxis 1- states time, and XAxis 2-states height.
So far, I can create a figure using 3 sets of arrays using field(1).deflection_x, field(1).deflection_y and field(1).height. This gives two axes, an X-axis (height) and a Y-axis (deflection).
At the moment, everything I have tried to encorporate field(1).time into the figure as a 2nd X-axis (time), does not work.
Any suggestions?
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jamie rayment
jamie rayment 2020년 4월 23일
Thank you for your response.
I am doing a 2-dimensional line plot, where line_1 is the field(1).deflection_x against field(1).height, and the line 2 is field(1).deflection_y against field(1).height.
Using field(1).time instead of field(1).height for both lines I can produce a displacement over time line plot. This produces an identical graph to displacement against field(1).height.
My issue is that I cannot find a way to produce a single line plot figure with both field(1).time and field(1).height stated on the X-axis (Top and bottom), for the corresponding displacement values on the y-axis.
It would be easier to have 1 figure than two.
As the arrays are identical sizes, each data point should have a corresponding value, so this should be achievable.

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Ganesh Regoti
Ganesh Regoti 2020년 4월 27일
I assume you want two different plots on a single figure. Here are certain links which you could refer to
Hope this helps!

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