Changing image rendering?

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aboharbf 2020년 4월 18일
편집: Oliver Woodford 2020년 9월 21일
Hey All,
attempting to visualize a raster of lines and running into issues. When the lines are plotted as lines, the image appears correctly, as follows:
When attempting to visualize the same lines (ignoring the large vertical and horizontal lines), I get the following
zooming in, all the same lines are present, just zoomed out they have varying degrees of visibility. Is there a way to modify MATLAB handling of this image to produce an image closer to what appears above?
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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2020년 9월 21일
편집: Oliver Woodford 2020년 9월 21일
I'm just wondering why, if the results using plot are correct, or what you want, why you're trying to rasterize the lines. What is wrong with the approach using plot? If it's rendering time, please share how you call plot.

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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2020년 9월 17일
편집: Oliver Woodford 2020년 9월 17일
Basically you are rendering a binary image, and you're getting gray levels instead of just black and white?
What are you using to render the image? imshow() can rescale the image if it is too large. imagesc() doesn't do this.
For example:
>> A = rand(50, 4000) < 0.99;
>> imagesc(A);
>> colormap(gray(256));
when zoomed in gives:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 9월 18일
Maybe conv2() the array with ones() the size of the number of data pixels that will be rendered down to one physical pixel, and logical() the result. That would be equivalent to an OR operation over the entire block.
aboharbf 2020년 9월 20일
@Oliver - I do need the ability to interactively zoom in and out.
@ Walter - I tried the Graphics smoothing but it didn't appear to have any influence unfortunately. Likely due to the plot being purely vertical lines. The function you describe may be worth a shot though, thanks for the tip.

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