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Force Matlab figure to lie above all other desktop windows

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K E 25 Oct 2012
I am creating avi videos using VideoWriter, and am having a problem with the image captured in the videos. I intend the videos to show a Matlab figure window. However if I do something else like check email and open a window at the same desktop location as the figure window while my (slow) script is running, the "rogue" window is captured in the avi file instead of the Matlab figure window.
How can I force a Matlab figure to lie above other desktop windows opened by Matlab, Windows, etc? Perhaps there is a figure property which controls this.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 25 Oct 2012
It looks like there are a number of utilites to do this on Windows. This only one that I found through Google:
(I'm not sure if there's a figure property for this ...)

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