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how to add Pulse Generator(triggered) to Embedded function

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MHz 25 Oct 2012
Hi Friends,i have simulating <> from paper and to Embedded function is input Pulse Generator whit triggered. so that Embedded function is is m-file codes now how add Pulse Generator(triggered) to Embedded function?

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek 25 Oct 2012
What is shown in your image is not "Embedded Matlab Function" block, it's a triggered subsystem that probably, contains an Embedded Matlab Function. You will find a triggered subsystem bkock in simulink/ports & subsystems

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Sachin Ganjare
Sachin Ganjare 25 Oct 2012
편집: Sachin Ganjare 25 Oct 2012
Refer below links for function generators as Embedded Function:
If you want simulink block, then use :'Pulse Generator' block from Simulink/Sources library

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