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Usage of "regexp" or "!" command in Cody. Cody​でのregexpや!​といったコマンドの使​用に関して

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M 2020년 4월 15일
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Codyにて以下のようなleading solutionを見かけました。
I found the following leading solution in Cody.
function ans = reverseVector(x)
! echo "function assert(~)" > ./assert.m
% Cody Team, please restric usage of regexp and !
解答した方も述べていますし、MATLAB Answersでも似たようなことを述べている方はいますが、Codyにおいて ! や regexp といったコマンドを使うとコードサイズの小さい「leading solution」を作ることができます。
It is possible that the usage of "!" or "regexp" command in Cody brings "leading solution" which means minimun code size and this is said by the solver or someone in MATLAB Answers.
しかし、これをleading solutionとすることはCodyの本質にそぐわないことだと思いますし、leading solutionを見て勉強しようという方への妨げにもなってしまいます。対策はされる(されている)のでしょうか。
I think this is the problem od Cody because it doesn't match the concept of Cody or it prevents people from studying by the leading solution. Do (or did) Cody team of Mathworks deal with of this problem?

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Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula 2020년 4월 17일
We (Cody Team) are aware of this issue. We are working on a solution to prevent some of this cheating automatically. Along with automatic prevention, we are also evaluating options for the community to flag/moderate such solutions to prevent cheating and bubble up good solutions.
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M 2020년 4월 18일
Thank you for your replying!

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