Connecting a Matlab function to Modelica

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Gabriele Galli
Gabriele Galli 2020년 4월 12일
답변: Rajani Mishra 2020년 4월 17일
Hello All,
I am trying to connect dynamically a MATLAB function to a Modelica Model.
This Matlab function I created is based on the MATLAB function lsqnonlin.
This function has to be called by Modelica everytime I run the model as it is used to obtain initial values.
Basically, what I want to obtain is something like this:
1) Run the simulation
2) Modelica sends the input value to Matlab
3) Matlab calculates a vector of outputs using lsqnonlin
4) Matlab sends these values to Modelica to initialize the simulation values
5) Start the simulation in Modelica
What I really want to obtain are points 3 to 5 (i.e. I can set manually the input value in Matlab before running the simulation in Modelica)
Do you know if there is a way to do this?
Thank you so much in advance!


Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra 2020년 4월 17일
You can store values in a mat file and that can be used to communicate between MATLAB and Modelica.The part of the question - " I can set manually the input value in Matlab" is not clear.
Also check below provided functions:

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