How can I save a plot to a variable to be printed later? I'm more specifically referring to problems of plots which involve many different legends/ figure objects such as ones created by looping over a hold on command.

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Hugh Wheaton
Hugh Wheaton 2020년 4월 9일
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I've got to do this thing for uni where I loop over a bunch of objects and plot their calculated divergences. They (32 different classes) are all calculated individually, then have a bar plot printed and then are looped over to plot the whole lot sequentially. I need to then plot a separate plot with specific axes and then am further going to do this again.
This computation can take quite a few minutes each time, so it seems so dumb that I have to run it like 5 times every time I need to change one thing, when each of these 5 plots will be plotting the exact same data.


Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra 2020년 4월 13일
To save plot results programmatically use “saveas() function”. Read its documentation below:
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Hugh Wheaton
Hugh Wheaton 2020년 4월 17일
Ay cheers. Turns out I was using the figure function wrong, and the following was probably all I was looking for:
if true
f2=figure(f1) %or f2=figure; and then some type of copy function
ax.xlim etc.
I'll check your answer though, cheers.

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