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Simulink-Sawtooth Decrease Counter

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Chris John
Chris John 6 Apr 2020
답변: Birdman 7 Apr 2020
Create a Simulink model that generates a sawtooth waveform of frequency 5 Hz and that increments a counter every time a falling edge is detected for the signal. You will need a Pulse Generator block, a Detect Decrease block, a Sum block, a Memory block, and a Display block. Thanks!

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Peter O
Peter O 7 Apr 2020
This sounds like a homework problem. What difficulties are you experiencing when creating the counter?

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Birdman 7 Apr 2020
Try the attached model. Note that I didn't use Pulse Generator or Detect Decrease or Sum or Memory block. The model is very simple. Just run and observe the result presented in Display block.

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