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Maximum and Minimum values of a field structure array

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Rishitha Muchinthala
Hi, I have structure array as shown in the image below. How can i find the maximum and minimum population with the corresponding state for the available data.
Thanks in advance.

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Birdman 2 Apr 2020
%find max and min population
%find corresponding state
AustralianStates.Name([minIdx maxIdx])
%find corresponding land area
AustralianStates.Land_Area([minIdx maxIdx])

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Rishitha Muchinthala
Please find the matlab file attached below.
Rishitha Muchinthala
Hi @Akira Agata,
I tried the first code and i got the below error.
"Expected one output from a curly brace or dot
indexing expression, but there were 8 results.
Error in A2_19508724 (line 108)
Rishitha Muchinthala
Thank you,
Akira's second code is working.
I got the result.

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