Does the 2020a version allow using the deploy function for deep learning models on macOS?

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Hi! I read there is going to be a support for deploying deep learning models on raspberry pi in the 2020a version. I currently hold a student license and what held me back the last time from buying add-ons like matlab coder and deep learning toolbox is that (1) targetHardware in 2019b did not have options for costum configuration, and (2) a library which was needed for code generation of deep learning models via matlab coder app wasn't supported on macOS. Does the latest version circumvents this limitation?

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Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal 2020년 4월 3일
Please have a look at the relaease notes for 2020a. This will give you details about all the new features and updates.
Here under the Hardware Support section, you can read about:
Deploy deep learning applications on Raspberry Pi hardware
I hope this will help. In case, if you need further assistance feel free to write to Support:

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2021년 9월 30일
According to this documentation page, we don't support deployment of deep learning applications from Mac to Raspi as of R2021b:
Note: You cannot generate and deploy deep learning code on Raspberry Pi hardware using macOS.


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