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Matlab freeze without crashing each time Mechanics Explorer opens

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 25 Mar 2020
답변: Ben Rancici 8 Jul 2020
Each time the Simscape Multibody Mechanics Explorer opens, every Matlab window freeze, while no error or crash detail are provided in the main console. Most of the time it occurs right after Simulink displaying "Initializing" but sometime it is right after 100% of the simulation.
The only solution I have right now is to kill Matlab process and open it again.
The problem occurs even for simple exemple projects such as "sm_bumper_car".
Every suggestion would be appreciated.
EDIT : opening a "solid bloc" has a similar effect, for the "floor" solid of the "sm_potters_wheel" for exemple.
EDIT 2 : I went through this page but nothing helped

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 26 Mar 2020
Same results with a fresh 2020a install on Windows 10.
I managed to open the Mechanics Explorer once I deplugged my second monitor. But I can't work without it!

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 8 Jul 2020
After further investigation, Matworks Support suggested that I quit using a second display since the company does not fully qualify its products on multi-monitor systems (!). I have also been advised to stop opening the Mechanics Explorer Window...
At last, the issue disappeared once I uninstall a previous Matlab distribution (2019a). I suspect that the need to reactivate the licence to use 2020a again was the solution. Is it possible that the licensing mechanisms of Simscape Multibody are slightly different from Matlab/Simulink ones?
I also uninstall Nahimic and MSI True Color from my laptop the day the issue was resolve.

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