How to import the exported signal using Wireless waveform generator app to MATLAB Simulink

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VIGNESH RAMESH 2020년 3월 22일
답변: Ganesh Regoti 2020년 3월 26일
Once we "Export" the waveform to MATLAB Workspace using the Export to workspace or Export to file option in the toolstrip , how can we import that signal to MATLAB simulink.


Ganesh Regoti
Ganesh Regoti 2020년 3월 26일
To load signal from workspace to Simulink using Signal From Workspace block.
For data generated by Waveform Generator App, when loaded to workspace gives a struct of data. When using the above block, you need to mention the exact location of data in the struct.
Let's say waveformData is the name of variable exported to Workspace, you need to mention as follows
waveformData.waveform %It has the signal data
Hope this helps!

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