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How can I implement conditional compilation logic in simulink and stateflow?

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matlab kid
matlab kid 17 Oct 2012
Is there any way to implement conditional compilation in simulink and stateflow. Example: #if (condition) {do something} #else {do something else} #end Iam From Automotive embedded systems background. Conditional compilation is very much required for Embedded systems software developement. I cannot find any block that support use of compiler directives in simulink. Can anyone help?


Siddharth 17 Oct 2012
In Stateflow, you build state machines using a graphical or (new) state transition table interface and conditional logic using flow charts. Find more information about flow charts here:
The pattern wizard (user interface window) can be used to quickly build commonly used patterns like the ones you are asking about:
hope that helps, Siddharth

K E 18 Oct 2012
Simulink allows Conditional Subsystems which are block groups that are executed if chosen conditions are met. More info in this blog post. I am not sure how to incorporate compiler directives as your question states, but maybe all you want to do is to execute some parts of the model conditionally, which can be done with Conditional Subsystems.

Yashapal Chaudhary
Yashapal Chaudhary 2 Feb 2018
you can use variant subsystem for creating pre processor directive

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