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Need to solve a nonlinear ODE using matlab

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Mouna Lhayani
Mouna Lhayani 2020년 3월 10일
댓글: ME 2020년 3월 10일
How can i solve the following nonlinear ODE :
  • dεdz=(3*tan(gama)*ms)/(4*pi*rho*n*R^4*(sin(ε)^4)) - (tan(beta)/R*cos(gama))*(1/sin(ε))
  • Solve from z=[0 60]
  • Initial Condition ε0=0.5503
  • R=1.524
  • n=1.5
  • gama=pi/6
  • beta=1
  • rho=1380
  • ms=29.86


ME 2020년 3월 10일
There are a range of ODE solvers available in MATLAB that could do this. The following link can help you pick which one is most appropriate for your particular use:
There are then links within that page that will show you how to implement them.
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ME 2020년 3월 10일
No problem. If you need any further help then feel free to come back to me.

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