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Ori Iger
Ori Iger 26 Feb 2020
Hello everybody
I have this sym function "J" with a differential equation (x is actually t, but forgive me).
I cannot find explicit solutions, but how can i get numeric values?
Can solve() or other functions other than dsolve() can solve non-linear differential equations?
Purhaps the syntax is wrong?
syms J(x)
ode = diff(J,x) == lambda*(TLF(J-theta_i)-TLF(-theta_i))*(TLF(-theta_0)*(1-TLF(-theta_0)))*(3/2-(3/2-x/tau_0)*(exp(-x/tau_0)))*(tau_0)/(tau_p) - lambda*3*alpha*(TLF(-theta_0)*(1-TLF(-theta_0)))*(TLF(J-theta_i)-TLF(-theta_i))*(tau_0)/(tau_m);
cond = J(0) == rand/3;
JSol(x) = dsolve(ode,cond)
function f = TLF(n)
if(n<-0.5) f=0;
elseif(n>0.5) f=1;
else f=n+0.5;
Later, I want to plot J(x) with x as some linspace(). How can i do that? been struggling a bit.

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