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how to solve this complex equation in matlab?

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peng peng
peng peng 23 Feb 2020
답변: Star Strider 23 Feb 2020
I have an equation exp(pi/4*i)*(5+15i)+exp(i*theta)*(25+5i)=40+exp(i*gama)*(-10+20i)
how can I get theta and gama in matlab?

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peng peng
peng peng 23 Feb 2020
theta and gama are both real number

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Star Strider
Star Strider 23 Feb 2020
Try this:
syms theta gama
Eqn = exp(pi/4*i)*(5+15i)+exp(i*theta)*(25+5i) == 40+exp(i*gama)*(-10+20i);
[theta,gama] = vpasolve(Eqn, [theta,gama])
There are likely an infinity of solutions.
Here is one:
theta =
- 0.040930734767103408831012033619698 - 0.24192384707974160991614274286353i
gama =
0.19932582865736336790217825251885 - 0.085773888296270118753805499893846i

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