How can i calculate the ( area ,... ) automatic for gray scale image using Matlab code ??

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How can i calculate the
( (i) area , (ii) centriod , (iii) bounding box , (iv) major axis , (v) minor axis , (vi) eccentricity , (vii) orientation ,(viii) convex area and (ix) extrema ) automatic
for gray scale galaxy image like that using Matlab code ??
to make feature extraction for galaxy images ?
Note >>this image after makeing galaxy oriantation horizontal and cropping it >>


Daniel Vieira
Daniel Vieira 2020년 2월 21일
you don't calculate areas in grayscale directly, you need to binarize to indicate which pixels count in the area and which dont.
For that:
Note that imbinarize hardly ever yields good results at the default properties, without exploring parameters.
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