Locating entered vector values

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Jose Grimaldo
Jose Grimaldo 2020년 2월 16일
댓글: Stephen 2020년 2월 16일
I have a vector x=(0:1:9) and the user has to input a vector (single integers). How can i locate the values the user input in the x variable? Can it be done without using loops?
x=[0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9];
% User input vector
a=[1 4 0 0];
% I was trying this but it fails when i run the code
>> [r,c]=find(ColorNum(rst(1:end)));

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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R 2020년 2월 16일
ind = find(ismember(x, a))
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Stephen 2020년 2월 16일
>> [~,idx] = ismember(a,x)
idx =
2 5 1 1

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