how can I read huge asc files with textread?

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Honey 2020년 2월 14일
댓글: Honey 2020년 2월 14일
Hello everyone,
I want to read a huge .asc file wich are climate daily data. The file's name are according to the date.
for example this is "ppt_19990101_asc". I have also leap years in my data. How can I read these files and arange them in 1*366 matlab cell?
thanks in advance.


Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R 2020년 2월 14일
편집: Bhaskar R 2020년 2월 14일
Get file names and apply
ext_date = datetime(extractBetween(<your file name(here ppt_19990101_asc)>, '_', '_'), 'Format', 'yyyyMMdd');
Then read each file using textread according to your data
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Honey 2020년 2월 14일
thank you "Bhaskar R" for your answer. here is a part of my long code which I wrote it. I mean this kind of calling data to recognize leap years and date.

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