How to perform Faster RCNN on my own dataset in Matlab?

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I am using Matlab Faster RCNN example which use its own dataset (Vehicle dataset). I want to use my own dataset to train Faster RCNN. Can anyone please let me know how can I load my own dataset? I have also created ground truth.
I have confusion here. How can I add my own data here?
data = load('fasterRCNNVehicleTrainingData.mat');
trainingData = data.vehicleTrainingData; trainingData.imageFilename = fullfile(toolboxdir('vision'),'visiondata', ... t
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Hayat  Bouchkouk
Hayat Bouchkouk 2020년 3월 22일
hi Ibrahim Hassan Syed
i have a same problem with dataset can i help me how can i load coco dataset in matlab?plizz

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Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya 2020년 2월 14일
After you prepared ground truth from your dataset, load that ground truth data. Now, extract the training data from that ground truth object. This training data is stored in a two-column table format, where the first column contains the image file paths and the second column contains the vehicle bounding boxes.
data = load('fasterRCNNVehicleTrainingDataGroundTruth.mat');
vehicleDataset = data.vehicleTrainingData;
Now, you can follow the steps as mentioned in this following example for arranging your dataset for training.

Is your issue solved? I'm having the same issue. Can you please help?
Thank you

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