is there any way to use a bmp file with PRM to find path planning route

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William Campbell
William Campbell 2020년 2월 7일
댓글: Fedi Chaarana 2020년 9월 13일
Is there a way to input a .bmp file with obstacles defined into the robotics.PRM functions to define path planning ?
I can't seem to create the axis configuration I want and the non-circular obstacles using the the robotics.OccupancyGrid function and have to save a figure as a .bmp file instead. But I can't seem to get anything sensible when I pass it through the PRM path planning function.


Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery 2020년 2월 10일
The .bmp file can be first converted into a binaryOccupancyMap. This map can be used as an input to the mobileRobotPRM function for finding all the possible paths.
Refer the following link for converting the Image to Binary Occupancy Grid.
The mobileRobotPRM function helps in creating the probabilistic roadmap path Planner. Refer here for more details.
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Fedi Chaarana
Fedi Chaarana 2020년 9월 13일
i would like to ask something similar since you seem to be well informed about this thema
i have a shapefile of a garden that i want to transform into an occupancy grid map
is there any way to do that ?

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William Campbell
William Campbell 2020년 2월 19일
Hello Ajay, thanks again for your comments - I was confused about the documentation and thought that I had to convert from pixels to world coordinates but it was just a scalling factor. Thanks again for your excellent support.





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