how use immse between two color images

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Yusuf lamah
Yusuf lamah 2020년 2월 7일
댓글: Yusuf lamah 2020년 2월 7일
how can i compute the differncebetween two RGB images, mean sqaue error and peak signal noise ratio PSNR
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Yusuf lamah
Yusuf lamah 2020년 2월 7일
thank alot

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Majid Farzaneh
Majid Farzaneh 2020년 2월 7일
Hi Yusuf,
You can calculate MSE and PSNR between 2 rgb images A and B like this:
PeakSignaltoNoiseRatio = psnr(A,B)
You don't need anything else!

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