Adding to a vector after each step of a for loop.

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Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 2020년 2월 6일
편집: Phillip Smith 2020년 2월 6일
Hey everyone,
So I have a bit of code, its function is irrelevant, that displays the number of timsteps that the it (the code) ran for i.e I run the code and in the console I'd get a number lke 354.
I put this whole code into a for loop so that the code runs 1000 times and thus in the console 1000 different values for the run time are displayed.
What I want to do is store all these values for the run time into a column vector. I've tried initilising a vector of zeros and then replacing the 0 with the runtime but i can't figure out how to get the 1st runtime into the first element of the vector and so on and so forth.
If anyone could lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated!

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2020년 2월 6일
You need to specify the index of the element you want to replace.
for i = 1:1000;
steps(i) = i;
Realistically though, if all you're doing is counting the number of steps then you can just create an array of integers.
steps = [1:i]'; % Put this after the loop for max number of steps completed.
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Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 2020년 2월 6일
Thank you for your responce! Exactly what I wanted!
Thank you so much

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