Confidence intervals for fitlme

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jjohn33 2020년 2월 2일
답변: Myrtle42 2020년 8월 5일
How can I plot the confidence intervals from the fitlme mixed model?
lme = fitlme(T1,' par ~ 1 + cov + (1 I ID)','FitMethod','REML');
Image 8.jpg
Fixed effects coefficients (95% CIs):
Name Estimate SE tStat DF pValue Lower Upper
{'(Intercept)'} 0.021452 0.0022428 9.5647 50 7.0315e-13 0.016947 0.025957
{'cov' } 0.00022556 0.00017193 1.3119 50 0.19554 -0.00011977 0.0005709

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jjohn33 2020년 2월 3일
The plot image is only showing for standard regression not included random for the intercept in this case. The lme. Coefficient is only one value and it is not calculated over the prediction line.

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen 2020년 2월 3일
If you look at the linear mixed model documentation you should be able to extract the confidence interval values from lme.Coefficients.Upper and lme.Coefficients.Lower. (They are the red dotted lines already in your plot, by the way).

Myrtle42 2020년 8월 5일
In case anyone else is still wondering about this, the predict function is the way to go:




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