Ismember as a condition?

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Daphne PARLIARI . 2020년 1월 30일
댓글: Daphne PARLIARI . 2020년 1월 30일
Hello guys.
I am trying to achieve something easy I think, but I don't know the correct way.
I have two tables, let's say WRF and Obs, that contain hourly values of several variables. What I want to do is calculate things and produce graphs, for the dates that both tables have data.
Eg, WRF contains data from 1/7/2019 to 30/9/2019 and Obs from 31/3/2019 to 30/9/2019.
I tried
ismatch = ismember(Obs.Hourly_DATE, WRF.Date);
which returns 0s kai 1s. How do I take one step further and use the 1s to calculate the things I want?
Thank you in advance!
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Daphne PARLIARI 2020년 1월 30일
편집: Daphne PARLIARI 님. 2020년 1월 30일
Something goes wrong... Attached please find the Obs table, the WRF table and newtable.
Newtable is far too long. I think the problem is that I have to consider columns Time, also (for both tables, WRF and Obs).

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2020년 1월 30일
Yes needed to combine with the time column.
load Obs.mat
load WRF.mat
WRF_Data.Date = WRF_Data.Date + duration(hour(WRF_Data.Time),minute(WRF_Data.Time),0)
Obs_Data.Hourly_DATE + duration(string(Obs_Data.Time),'InputFormat','hh:mm');
newtable = innerjoin(Obs_Data,WRF_Data,'LeftKeys','Hourly_DATE','RightKeys','Date');
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Daphne PARLIARI 2020년 1월 30일
The mistake I mentioned above is easily corrected this way:
WRF_Data.Date = WRF_Data.Date + duration(hour(WRF_Data.Time),minute(WRF_Data.Time),0);
Obs_Data.Hourly_DATE = Obs_Data.Hourly_DATE + duration(string(Obs_Data.Time),'InputFormat','hh:mm');
All_Data = innerjoin(Obs_Data,WRF_Data,'LeftKeys','Hourly_DATE','RightKeys','Date');

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