Why does it take too long for Processor in Loop execution?

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Sanjeev Gupta
Sanjeev Gupta 2020년 1월 28일
I am using TI's Piccolo F28027 C2000 MCU for the application of Field Oriented Control of PMSM motor.
I have segregated Controller and Plant (mathematical model of Inverter and PMSM) in simulation.
And created a PIL block for controller and replaced it with Controller Block. And now I am runnig the simulation which is working fine,
" but even 3 seconds of simulation takes hours to execute however when it was done Execution TIme Profiling for PIL report was generated and it said execution time in controller as,
Subsystem initialize 11.7 microseconds
Subsystem Step 255.9 microseconds
Subsystem terminate 1.4 microseconds
Total 269 microseconds
So where could it be taking time?
What could be the issue?
Any help is appreciated.

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