How to create filename with variable within loop

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Daphne PARLIARI 2020년 1월 23일
댓글: Daphne PARLIARI 2020년 1월 23일
Good morning guys!
My task is to create filenames that correspond to some weather stations I have in my hands. I am attaching a .txt with stations' names. Want I want to have in the end are filenames like that:
Hourly Data Airport 2015.txt
Hourly Data Eptapurgio 2015 txt.
and so on. Obviously I am doing it wrong... Could you please take a look at my code (several lines are missing because it's long enough) ang guide me to a solution? Thanks in advance!
for i=1:size(stations,1)
name = stations( i, 1 );
network = stations (i, 'Network');
networkstr = char(network.(1));
namestr = char(name.(1));
indx = strfind (list1, namestr) ;
for j = 1:size(indx, 1)
if (indx{j,1}>0)
if (strfind (list1{j,1}, '2015') > 0)
if (strfind(list1{j,1}, 'xlsx') > 0)
for m=1:size(vars,1)
if(~exist([output_path,'\',namestr,'\',strrep(vars{m},' ','_'),'\'],'dir'))
mkdir([output_path,'\',namestr,'\',strrep(vars{m},' ','_')])
fname = (output_path,'\',namestr,'\', 'Hourly Data ' ,strrep(stations(i,1), '2015.txt');

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata 2020년 1월 23일
How about the following?
T = readtable('Stations coordinates.txt');
fileName = append('Hourly Data ',T.Station,' 2015.txt');
>> fileName
fileName =
16×1 cell array
{'Hourly Data Airport 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Eptapurgio 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Martiou 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Lagada 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Malakopi 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Egnatia 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Dimarxeio 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Pedio Arews 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Paparrigopoulou 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Parko 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Taratsa 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Taratsa Babzelis 2015.txt'}
{'Hourly Data Taratsa Zanis 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Kalamaria 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Panorama 2015.txt' }
{'Hourly Data Kordelio 2015.txt' }

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