"Simulating" with Hardware in the Loop

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Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2020년 1월 20일
답변: Mark Edwards 2020년 7월 7일
Hi there,
I have a simulink model that includes STM32 hardware support package blocks to drive real hardware (https://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/st-nucleo.html).
I want to be able to go between simulating the model without hardware (or compilation) and running the model with the hardware blocks.
Simple example below: When simulating, view step on the scope. When Hardware, output step to hardware pin.
How can I exclude the hardware blocks when in Simulation tab so I can test the rest of my model without compiling and communicating throught the hardware blocks?
Running the model in Simulation throws the following error due to the Hardware dependancy:
I tried putting the MBED block inside an enabled subsystem (and disabling the Enable), but that didn't work.
Ideas appreicated. Thanks!


Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2020년 7월 7일
Turns out there are Simulink examples that solve this problem using Variant Source, Sink and Subsystem library blocks.
Example model that helped me: matlabOpenExample('VariantSourceAndVariantSinkBlocksExample')




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