Is it possible to split the Command Window into continuous sub Command Windows?

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Suppose I set the command window (CW) to take as much space as possible on the IDE (not necessary, just to make a better point).
If I want to see lots of output at the same time, the CW is too short, but also too wide. Is there a way to split the CW into two (or more) windows, side by side, so that they concatenate and text flows from the top of one to the bottom of the next (CW shows newer output at the bottom)?
I have seen you can't have more than one CW in the same Matlab instance, but in this case it would not be multiple independent CW but the same, just cut and stacked to the side.
Thanks in advance.

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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash 2020년 1월 27일
One can split the editor window, but MATLAB doesn't support splitting the command window the way you described, at the moment.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 2020년 1월 27일
I have coworkers who will reorient their monitor into a "portrait" mode so that the monitor is taller than it is wider. This would give you more screen real estate to work with. It seems pretty popular with people who do work with long documents or sections of code.
To concur with the others, though, there's no way to split the command window.
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Alejandro Guzmán Martín-Ondarza
I have a laptop. While possible in theory, is not very convenient XD
Still a good idea.

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