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Optimization Toolbox Functions Available to Matlab Coder

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B.J. Fregly
B.J. Fregly 12 Jan 2020
댓글: B.J. Fregly 13 Jan 2020
Can someone provide an update on which Optimization Toolbox functions are supported by the Matlab Coder, and in particular, if it now supports lsqnonlin?
I would like to convert Matlab code that calls fmincon (which I know works) and lsqnonlin into C++ code.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 12 Jan 2020
The blue bar labeled "Documentation" near the top of the main documentation page for each MathWorks product should have a link titled Functions. You can see it on the Optimization Toolbox main documentation page. Clicking on it will bring up a list of functions in the product. In the frame to the left there may be check boxes where you can filter the list based on certain extended capabilities (if there are functions in the product that support those extended capabilities.)
Looking at the list of functions that have the "C/C++ Code Generation" extended capability in Optimization Toolbox, lsqnonlin is not in that list. The Extended Capabilities section on the lsqnonlin documentation page also does not list C/C++ Code Generation support (the extended capability it has is Automatic Parallel Support.)

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B.J. Fregly
B.J. Fregly 12 Jan 2020
Thanks so much for the fast and extremely helpful response!
By chance do you know if there are any plans to add C/C++ Code Generation support for lsqnonlin in the near future?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord 13 Jan 2020
Even if I knew (which I don't) I cannot comment on future plans. If you want MathWorks to consider adding that support, contact Technical Support using the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of this page (the telephone icon) and ask them to enter that request in the enhancement database or add a note indicating your interest if it's already in the database.
B.J. Fregly
B.J. Fregly 13 Jan 2020
Great! Thanks so much for the very helpful information and explanation of how submission of an enhancement request works. I will submit one.
Again, many thanks for the fast and helpful responses!

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