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How to save quiver3 arrow plot as vector graphic pdf

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Simon H
Simon H 8 Jan 2020
댓글: Simon H 8 Jan 2020
I´m trying to save a quiver3 plot as a vector graphic pdf to include it into a TeX file.
With my code pdf contains no vector graphic but a pixelated image of the plot.
h = figure(3),clf
for i=1:length(distlist)
q = quiver3(x_w(i),y_w(i),z_w(i), ulist(i),vlist(i),wlist(i));
set(q, 'AutoScale', 'on', 'AutoScaleFactor',1000, 'ShowArrowHead', 'on', 'MaxHeadSize', 1.3, 'Color', [0 0 1], 'LineWidth', 0.8)
hold on
xlabel('$X_M$ / mm','Interpreter','latex')
ylabel('$Y_M$ / mm','Interpreter','latex')
zlabel('$Z_M$ / mm','Interpreter','latex')
xlim([-60 60])
ylim([-60 60])
grid on
pos = get(h,'Position');
set(h,'PaperPositionMode','Auto','PaperUnits','Inches','PaperSize',[pos(3), pos(4)])
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your answers.
Kind regards,

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ME 8 Jan 2020
Have you tried looking at the answers in the following link:
It looks as though manusally altering the renderer for your export can fix this issue.

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Simon H
Simon H 8 Jan 2020
Thank you, that was it

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