How can I speed up my simualtion?

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Raphael Chacon
Raphael Chacon . 2020년 1월 8일
답변: Javier Gazzarri . 2020년 1월 8일
My model consists of various batteries, a central 48V DC Bus with connection to a 380VDC grid and a load which can be imported from workspace.
I need to simulate at least 4 hours but at the actual simulation speed this is not really practicable.
What can or should I change to speed up my simulation or increase the sample step width?
Good to know: I am a Matlab/Simulink beginner
Thank you!

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri 2020년 1월 8일
Hello Raphael,
Thank you for sharing this. There are several ways in which you could speed up your simulation. They include:
  1. Replacing the individual battery cell blocks with their single-cell scaled equivalent.
  2. Changing electronic switching to average mode.
  3. Using Accelerator Mode instead of Normal Mode
  4. Using a local solver for the Simscape network, with a step size compatible with your switching frequency.
Each of these probably deserve a conversation with Technical Support or an Application Engineer in your area. Please feel free to send me your contact information so I can put you in touch with a MathWorks representative to help you.
Best regards,


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