Simulink toggle run-time data access programmatically

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Robert . 2020년 1월 3일
댓글: Robert . 2020년 1월 9일
In my model, I am accessing a signal during simulation by using the steps described in the documentation. However, for performance reasons, I would like to programmatically switch run-time data access off during certain tests. I still want to log the signal but I only need to access the data after the simulation.
Basically, I want to uncheck the checkbox in the image programmatically and I can't seem to find the parameter to do this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau 2020년 1월 6일
Hi Robert,
Unfortunately there is not a way to control these settings programmatically at this time.
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Robert 2020년 1월 9일
Thank you,
I will keep an eye on the release notes of upcoming releases.

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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra 2020년 1월 7일
Unfortunately there isn't a way to do it. The issue is being looked into.


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