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Cant open simulink, and the remind info as below

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peace zhang
peace zhang 2020년 1월 2일
편집: Jemima Pulipati 2021년 1월 12일
Undefined function or variable 'connector.ensureServiceOn'.
Undefined function or variable 'mls.internal.FevalService.init'.
Undefined function or variable 'connector.internal.lifecycle.callConnectorStarted'.
Matlab version: 2018b
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 1월 2일
Possibly restoredefaultpath

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Jemima Pulipati
Jemima Pulipati 2021년 1월 12일
편집: Jemima Pulipati 2021년 1월 12일
From my understanding, these error statements are likely caused due to path issues when the cache is not up to date.
You may try the following steps to resolve the issue.
Before modifying the search path, it is important to take a backup of your 'pathdef.m' file, which can be located by using the following command. Ensure that the copy is placed in a folder outside of the MATLAB path.
>> which -all pathdef
After taking the backup, please execute the following commands in the MATLAB Command Window to restore the default MATLAB search path and rehash the toolbox cache:
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcache
>> sl_refresh_customizations
After this step, please use Simulink to see if the issue occurs again. If the issue is resolved, then you may want to save the new MATLAB search path by executing the following command:
>> savepath
NOTE: This will remove any custom paths you may have created.
The following MATLAB Answers post is an additional resource on how to back them up:

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