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how to fix the libprotobuf error

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xianyou zhong
xianyou zhong 2020년 1월 1일
답변: Jemima Pulipati 2021년 1월 13일
when I use matlab gui, I get the error information as follows:
[libprotobuf FATAL google/protobuf/stubs/] This program requires version 3.6.1 of the Protocol Buffer runtime library, but the installed version is 2.6.1. Please update your library. If you compiled the program yourself, make sure that your headers are from the same version of Protocol Buffers as your link-time library. (Version verification failed in "/tmp/B3p3/glnxa64/protobuf3/src/google/protobuf/".)
matlab will crash.
What should I do to fix it?


Jemima Pulipati
Jemima Pulipati 2021년 1월 13일
From my understanding, the issue is due to a mismatch between the versions of Protocol Buffer used by the program and that which is installed.
Basing on the error message, you may have to update the library to version 3.6.1 as that is the version required by the program.


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