input image without writing a path directory in the code

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Danya Karimi
Danya Karimi 2019년 12월 27일
댓글: dpb 2020년 1월 1일
I want to write a matlab code which contain inputing images from any directory and any computer without the need for writing the directory path.
I forgot how to do that, I will be thankful for any help
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dpb 2020년 1월 1일
Well, you'll have to tell it somehow; what groundrules are in play for allowable solution space?
Adding a zillion subdirectories and cd 'ing to them is NOT a recommended solution.
Two possiblilities out of many -depending upon the above question:
  1. If no user intervention, use the OS dir() or similar to do a directory search from some point for the specific files wanted and parse the results to find the base directory. Somewhat problematic if there are many subdirectories and files and can't isolate a starting location very closely, but possible in theory.
  2. I there is the possiblity of initial human intervention, use the uiopenfile dialog and let the user navigate to the starting position desired.
Other ways would be variations on a them depending upon just what it is that is meant/desired/required to meet the demand.

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen 2019년 12월 29일
maybe you can use this:
to add every folder to the path before importing the files

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2019년 12월 29일
Maybe you should just call uigetdir() and let the user decide the folder so you don't have to write any folder name in advance.
folder = uigetdir()
filePattern = fullfile(folder, '*.png')
% Get all PNG files in the user's selected folder and all subfolders.
imds = imageDatastore(filePattern, 'ReadFcn', @imread)
allFileNames = imds.Files

Danya Karimi
Danya Karimi 2020년 1월 1일
The answer is:
[f,p]= uigetfile();
I= imread([p,f]);
Thank you for your time guys.


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