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text analytics toolbox and MeCab

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Shuichi Obuchi
Shuichi Obuchi 25 Dec 2019
댓글: Shuichi Obuchi 10 Mar 2020
I would like to add some words into MeCab dictionary that I suppose it is used behind Matlab textanalytics toolbox.
The tokenized procedure makes some words too short.
If you have any idea to solve my problem, it will be appricated.

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Christopher Creutzig
Text Analytics Toolbox does not ship the tooling to compile an extended MeCab dictionary. But if you have one for your field (I know there are such compiled dictionaries for medical purposes, for example), you can use mecabOptions to have tokenizedDocument use it.
Alternatively, if you only have a handful of words you want to preserve, and are not worried about inflections, you can use "CustomTokens" to pass them to the tokenizer:
ans =
5 tokens: 日本 睡眠 学会 の ガイドライン
ans =
3 tokens: 日本睡眠学会 の ガイドライン

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Shuichi Obuchi
Shuichi Obuchi 10 Mar 2020
Thank you for your reply. I already solved the problem by using UserModel option. Anyway I am very happy to have your information.

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