Use of initial value and calculated value.

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Shunsuke kishi
Shunsuke kishi 2019년 12월 24일
답변: Raj 2019년 12월 24일
I'm currently building a simulation with Simulink. At this time, it is difficult to handle the initial value given first and the value obtained from the calculation. Specifically, a simulation is created based on the attitude control of a satellite. In brief, the control torque is calculated from the angular velocity, and the control torque is output by the actuator. This will update the satellite's angular velocity and attitude. I want to give this updated value again as the angular velocity of the next loop, but I don't know in what block to do it. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if I could understand. I want the flow chart to look like the figure below. In the first loop, we use "Initial angular velocity" to calculate, but in the next loop we want to use "Update angular velocity" to calculate.I'm glad if you give me any opinions.flowchart.png

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Raj 2019년 12월 24일
Tap the output coming from the last block 'update angular velocity' and give it as input to the first block 'Calculation of control torque' through a unit delay block. Put the 'Initial angular velocity' as the initial condition of the delay block and set the delay to one cycle. Done!

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